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This morning I chanced upon the title of Pema Chodron’s new audio book, “Embracing the Unknown.” Something clicked inside me. This is what I need to do. Who I need to be. Someone who is willing to embrace the unknown, to accept the uncertainties of life, the unknown, the stuff of life that we have no control of.

I have been worrying for my sibling for the longest time.

What if I embrace the unknown and simply trust and be confident in God’s provisions for them? What if I let go of the role as the “helper, rescuer, messiah?”

Embracing the unknown is accepting the uncertainties, giving consent to a life which is unfolding in ways that we do not have 100% control of. Embracing is an act of openness, an act of letting go, of letting be. In embracing the unknown we allow ourselves to be present in darkness, in confusion, in in-between modes.

The unknown is a huge threat to our desire to be in control, to be in command, to be in charge. It is scary when we are helpless, when we are powerless, when we are not in control  of what is happening in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  The unknown is the dark spaces in our lives that we struggle to make sense of.

Spaces that we cannot make sense of makes us suffer, it gives us tremendous pain and fear.

Embracing the unknown is a life of a thousand rise and fall in our effort to entrust our lives and the lives of our loved ones to God. Because what is unknown to us is fully known to him. Embracing the unknown can be scary but what better options do we have. Embracing the unknown is not without “faith.” I embrace it knowing God’s presence even if I don’t really understand it when bad things are happening. It’s a choice to surrender, to entrust, to believe that God is in charge – no matter what.

In desiring to embrace the unknown we are simply allowing God to be GOD and believing without a single doubt that we are his beloved ones.  Our journey is in his hands and that “All things shall be well, all manners of things shall be well”  as the mystic Julian of Norwich wrote for our peace of heart.

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